Watch and hear how Etienne’s parents are saving for his future with his IL ABLE Account

It’s never too early to start saving money for the future of a child with a disability. Etienne’s parents are thinking ahead with their son’s IL ABLE Account.

IL ABLE Accounts make it possible to save and invest money for current and future Qualified Disability Expenses. Qualified Disability Expenses are expenses intended to improve the Account Owner’s quality of life, health, and provide for greater independence.  Qualified Disability Expenses may include things such as education, assistive technology, and personal support services. Learn more about Qualified Disability Expenses at

Watch Daniel and Etienne’s story on Treasurer Michael Frerichs’ YouTube channel.

Daniel and Etienne’s story is part of IL ABLE’s “I Make it Happen with My IL ABLE Account” video campaign. Six IL ABLE Account Owners share their stories about the benefits of owning an IL ABLE Account. You can watch the videos on Treasurer Michael Frerichs’ YouTube channel. Email us at, and tell us how you make it happen with your IL ABLE Account!

Learn more about IL ABLE at and read the Plan Disclosure Booklet.

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