Treasurer Frerichs’s Visit to Gateway to Learning

Training for employment is front and center.

Treasurer Frerichs visited Chicago’s Gateway to Learning (GTL) recently to observe participants with intellectual and developmental disabilities as they build job skills in food preparation, baking, and serving customers in GTL’s commercial kitchen and Dorothy’s Can-Do Bakery & Cafe. While there he heard first-hand from the program’s participants about their work and the impact of GTL’s programs.

A Great Day for Lemonade at the Sandwich Fair

Treasurer Frerichs visit’s the Open Door Rehabilitation Center’s Lemon Shake Up Stand

A few raindrops didn’t get in the way of Treasurer Frerichs having a great time visiting the Open Door Rehabilitation Center’s (ODRC) Lemon Shakeup stand at the Sandwich Fair on September 8.  While there, the Treasurer met with staff, volunteers, and clients of the disability services organization, some of whom own IL ABLE accounts. ODRC has a long history of serving fresh lemonade and pizza at the Sandwich Fair every year.