Consider opening or contributing to an IL ABLE account

Tax refunds are always welcome, and they can give you a chance to think about the disability expenses you want to save for.  Do you want to save the refund for an unexpected medical expense?  Are you going to need new tires for the car that gets you to and from your job? Is there travel in your future?  Whatever your financial dreams and goals contributing your tax refund to an IL ABLE account can help you reach them.

If you don’t currently own an IL ABLE account, consider seeding a new account with your tax refund for yourself or someone you support. An IL ABLE account can be opened by eligible individuals or an Authorized Individual online or by mail. Read more about who is eligible to open an IL ABLE account

Contributing your tax refund to an IL ABLE account is easy. Account Owners or Authorized Individuals can add to an account electronically by logging into an account online or by mailing in a check with a completed deposit slip.  

Others can contribute as well. If you want to transform your tax refund into savings for a friend or loved one with a disability, you can contribute directly to their IL ABLE account with UGift®. UGift® is simple to use. Just ask the IL ABLE Account Owner or the Authorized Individual to log into the account to find their unique code to share with you.  Then visit to contribute directly and securely into an IL ABLE account using that code. Learn more at .

No matter if you are saving for something in the near or distant future, by turning your tax refund into savings, you are moving yourself closer to your goal. 

Visit for more information on opening and contributing to an IL ABLE account.

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