Spring is the time to start investing in a bright financial future by using the easy Ugift contribution option. 

Ugift® is an easy-to-use, no-cost way for family and friends to make a contribution directly to your IL ABLE account . How does it work?

First, you the IL ABLE Account Owner (person with the disability) or your Authorized Individual (an adult who is authorized to transact on the account) logs into the IL ABLE account here and accesses unique Ugift® code. Click here to log into your account.

Next, your or your Authorized Individual share that code with friends, family or others who want to contribute to your account.

Next, the gift giver visits UgiftABLE.com and inputs the code to make a direct contribution to your IL ABLE account.

All gift contributions made via Ugift® are deposited directly into your account. If you receive SSI benefits, your friend or loved one’s contribution to your IL ABLE account will help you preserve those benefits. Funds in your IL ABLE account can be used to pay for a long list of qualified disability expenses that can improve yourquality of life and increase your independence. Visit the UgiftABLE.com website for complete information.

Download and print a Ugift® Gift Certificate to mark the holiday gift. Learn more at UgiftABLE.com.

If the contributor to an IL ABLE account is an Illinois taxpayer, contributions may be deductible from state income tax. Visit illinoisable.com for more information.

Find quick answers to your ABLE questions with IL ABLE FAQs

Are you eligible to own an IL ABLE account?  Take the Eligibility Quiz. 

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