It’s graduation season!  ABLE account owner Tim shares his plans and dreams after graduating in May from Edgewood College and the Cutting-Edge Program in Madison, Wisconsin.

What will you do after you graduate from college, Tim? “I will be working as a Para-Educator (Teaching Assistant) in the Mount Horeb Area School District. I already started my job as a Para-Educator in the district in April 2018 before graduation.”

How has your ABLE account helped you manage your expenses during college?: “Well, I currently use my ABLE account to pay my rent for my apartment. But now that I’ll be working I could use my ABLE account as a way of saving money when I make money at my job. It’s always important to save a certain amount of money for important things in life. Another way I could use my ABLE account could be to pay for things that I’m passionate about, like a membership at the health club, running a race in the community, and so many other things.” 

What about planning for the future?: Some of my dreams for the future include living independently like I’m already doing (buying a house one day), working in the schools and helping my students develop a great education, continuing to release music albums of original songs, and performing music in the community. 

I could use my ABLE account to save for the big things down the road. A few things I could save for could be a new house in the future, a new car for when my car starts to not operate as well, or a vacation trip to a place I’ve always wanted to visit.” 


Thanks Tim.  And, Happy Graduation!

Big dreams start with ABLE.  Open your account today.

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