You Can Save and Invest Even More in Your IL ABLE Account!

It’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month and here is some good news for IL ABLE Account Owners. Did you know that if an IL ABLE Account Owner worked in 2020, even more can be contributed to the IL ABLE account?  Now is the time to take advantage of the extra savings that ABLE to Work makes possible with an IL ABLE account. 

Jana is a young adult who receives transition services from her high school and she is an IL ABLE Account Owner. Jana worked part time in an office in Decatur, IL for several months in 2020.  Her parents and family members have contributed to her IL ABLE account throughout 2020 with checks to her IL ABLE account and by using Ugift to make contributions.  By October, family contributions and gifts from others have reached the annual allowable contribution maximum of $15,000.

Does that mean that no more money may be contributed to Jana’s IL ABLE account?  No! 

Because Jana worked in 2020, an additional amount may be contributed to her IL ABLE account.  How much?

Let’s do the math together: 

Jana earned $9,000 in gross wages from her employment.  Jana’s dad is the Authorized Individual on Jana’s IL ABLE account and he helps Jana with her personal finances.  He knows that Jana did not participate in the retirement savings program that the office offers to full-time employees. He visits the ABLE to Work page on and learns that the additional amount that can be contributed to Jana’s IL ABLE account must be the lesser of Jana’s gross wages or the amount stated in the Poverty Guidelines.  He visits the HHS website and sees that for 2020, the Poverty Guidelines amount is $12,760. 

Jana’s gross wages for 2020 are $9,000.

$9,000 is less than $12,760. 

So, the total additional amount that can be contributed to Jana’s IL ABLE account is $9,000.

With the money already contributed to Jana’s IL ABLE account this year, the total contributions to her IL ABLE account for 2020 will be $15,000 + $9,000 = $24,000!

That means greater savings.

That means more in tax-free earnings and expenditures.

That means greater financial independence for Jana now and in her future!

For more information about ABLE to Work, visit or call IL ABLE Customer Service at 888-609-8683, Monday – Friday, 8am- 5pm CT

Note: Jana is a hypothetical IL ABLE account owner.  The poverty level changes each year.  Please consult HHS Poverty Guidelines for the correct level for your state of residence in any given year. 

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