Easy Ways to Make Holiday and Year-End Contributions to a Loved One’s Illinois ABLE Account

It happens every year.  As we enter the holiday season, many family and friends of loved ones with disabilities want to give them money to use to enjoy life or help with expenses. However, for years, family and friends have been told not to give their loved ones with disabilities money because it will put the loved one’s benefits at risk.

No more! If your friend or loved one has an IL ABLE account you can gift money to them. Their benefits, such as SSI and Medicaid, will be safe. Your gift to an Illinois ABLE account owner can help your friend or loved one with a disability pay for expenses that come with having a disability, save for future needs and improve quality of life – all while protecting his or her benefits.

Illinois ABLE offers these easy giving options:

  1. You can write a check directly to your friend or loved one and they can deposit it into their IL ABLE account.
  2. You can have a set amount automatically transferred from your bank, savings and loan or credit union account into your friend or loved one’s IL ABLE Account.
  3. You can arrange for a Payroll Direct Deposit directly from your paycheck into your loved one’s IL ABLE account.
  4. You can contribute to your friend or loved one’s IL ABLE account online via Ugift ABLE. Ugift is a feature offered by IL ABLE that allows contributions to be made via a secure online gifting platform. It’s simple to use: the account owner just logs into their IL ABLE account to get a Ugift code, then shares that code with friends and family who can then visit Ugift ABLE, input the code and contribute directly into the loved one’s Illinois ABLE account.

Things to know about Ugift:

  • There are no additional fees for either the giver or receiver when using Ugift.
  • Your Ugift contribution must be at least $25
  • You will know your gift was made successfully by the receipt of a confirmation email (unless you chose not to provide your email address).
  • If you a mailed a check, your cancelled check is your receipt of the transaction.
  • The Illinois ABLE account owner will know they received a gift when they review their ABLE account online and see your name displayed next to the gift amount!

Visit Ugift ABLE FAQs for more information.

For more information about any of these options, contact Customer Service at 888-609-8683, 8am – 5pm, CT, Monday through Friday.

For more information about Illinois ABLE, read our FAQ’s.  

Are you ready to open an Illinois ABLE account?  Click here to get started! 

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